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Other Services

Available to Cat Sitting & Harmonizing Touch Clients

Cat Transportation & Vet Visits

When your cat needs to see a veterinarian, it is always preferable if you can accompany them. However, I understand that this might not always be possible. In such situations, I offer transportation to accompany your feline friends to their appointments.


I offer two options for this service. I can either drop off and pick up your cat or stay with him throughout the entire visit. Unless your cat needs to stay at the vet for an extended period of time, I recommend the latter option if my schedule allows. By staying with your beloved cat, I can provide a familiar and soothing presence, offering reassurance and reducing the stress your cat may experience during his veterinary visits.


Drive to & pick up from Vet:

Up to 30 minutes $25*

Additional 15 minutes $10

Pet Errands

Whether you are preparing for a vacation, need to leave on a business trip or have an emergency, there are times when you may not have enough time to shop for cat food, litter or other supplies prior to your departure. While I appreciate it when all necessary items for your kitties’ care are readily available when I visit, sometimes an additional trip to the store is necessary.


Pet errand services within my service area:

Up to 30 minutes $25*

Additional 15 minutes $10

Watering Outdoor Plants

During the summer months, it may be necessary to have someone water your outdoor plants while you’re away. I offer this add-on service to cat sitting for an additional fee.


Up to 15 minutes $10

Additional 15 minutes $10

Key Service

To ensure efficient service, I request that you provide me with a house key during our initial meet-and-greet visit. Rest assured that your keys are kept in a secure place and coded for confidentiality. Having your key on file with Catnip Cat Care can be helpful for last minute bookings or in case you find yourself locked out of your home.

If you prefer that Catnip Cat Care picks your key up before our first visit and returns it after services are completed, additional charges apply for pick-up and drop-off. Alternatively, we can arrange for key return via U.S. mail.


$15* for each pick-up and drop off

$5 for key return via U.S. Mail


Lock-Out Emergency Service

In the unfortunate event of being locked out of your home, and if Catnip Cat Care holds a key on file for you, we may be able to provide emergency lock-out service. This service is available during our regular service hours (8:30am - 6 pm seven day a week), subject to availability.  


Up to 30 minutes $35*

Additional 15 minutes $10


*Additional travel fees apply for visits to locations beyond a five-mile radius from my business address.

Holiday rates apply on all major holidays. Please see “Policies & Rates” for details.

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