Client Testimonials

Please enjoy the ever growing picture gallery of my adorable kitty clients!


Angeli has taken wonderful care of my beloved kitties several times now and has given me complete peace of mind while I'm traveling. She is conscientious and kind and my cats LOVE her. how do I know? For several days after I come home, the cats look out the window waiting for her at the time she normally arrived to visit! I HIGHLY recommend her. I don't see how anyone could do a better job.

Ted A.


Cat sitter cat sitting pet sitter pet sitting Beautiful long-hair cat playing with glitter toy. In-home cat sitting, professional pet sitter Bellingham.


 Finnegan & Inigo

Angeli is great with our cats. We have two rambunctious kittens with a lot of energy. Angeli has watched them several times and has always done an excellent job. She is attentive, enthusiastic, and we really appreciate her detailed notes about each visit. We highly recommend Catnip Cat Care!

Ryan D.

cat sitter cat sitting pet sitter pet sitting Bellingham


cat sitter cat sitting pet sitter pet sitting Bellingham



Bengal Kitty cat sitting cat sitter petsitting pet sitter Bellingham






 Cat sitter cat sitting Cute orange tabby relaxing on couch. Inhome cat sitting, professional pet sitter Bellingham.



Cat siiter cat sitting pet sitter pet sitting Bellingham



What started as a vacation cat sitting has evolved into a weekly "love and play" session for my very active kitty. Angeli is trustworthy, compassionate and highly skilled in working with all kitty personalities, ages and levels of health. Recommend!!!!!

Katy J.

Tabby Maine Coon cat sitting cat sitter pet sitting pet sitter Bellingham




Angeli provides exceptional cat care, with the emphasis on "care". She was utterly professional in her approach before we left, in what she did while we were gone, and in her follow-up when we got back. Angeli obviously loves cats, and she clearly cared about our Boots, which came through loud and clear. We appreciated that additional loving touch so much, which gave us real peace of mind that our little buddy was in good hands and which allowed us to enjoy our trip that much more. We will use her services every time we go. Thank you Angeli!

Scott S.

Angeli  cared for our two cats while we were away for a full week.  Our cats are sweet, but not necessarily easy, and they dislike disruptions in their kingdom. Nevertheless, Angeli befriended them, and thanks to her attention and kindness, the cats seemed calm and happy when we returned home, and the house was in good order. She is very reliable and resourceful -- I recommend her highly.

Mary Lou P.
cat sitting cat sitter pet sitting pet sitter Cute black cat playing with string toy. In home cat sitting, professional cat sitter.


Cat sitter cat sitting Pet sitter pet sittingThree cats playing with laser pointer on stairs. In home professional cat sitting in Bellingham.

 Bono, Presley and Tinkerbell

Angeli provides excellent service at a reasonable price. We have 8 cats and some (born to feral mothers) are very skittish, even with us. Angeli has won them all over with her attention and care. She seeks out the more solitary cats and ensures that they get their share of attention as well. We are sure that the cats are now disappointed when we return home! We wouldn't entrust our babies to anyone else.

Kristi M.

Black and white kitten on couch. Professional pet sitter Bellingham cat sitter cat sitting pet sitting.






My husband and I highly recommend Angeli if you are looking for a cat sitter. She is trusting, loving, compassionate, responsible, and she will treat your kitties like her own. I never have to worry about my cats when we are gone. Angeli always goes out of her way to make sure we come home to a clean house even if that means she has to clean up after our kitties. Thank you Angeli for the wonderful care you have given to our kitties.

Bridgett W.