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Fear Free certified cat sitter in Bellingham playing with a happy cat.

Professional Cat Sitting

Welcome to Catnip Cat Care- where I lovingly serve your feline friends!


The misconception that cat sitting merely entails providing fresh food, changing water, maintaining the litter boxes and offering a few pets still exists today. But cat sitting encompasses so much more! While these basic tasks are important, as a professional cat sitter with a holistic approach I pay equal attention to the physical, mental and emotional needs and desires of your cats, ensuring they enjoy physical exercise, mental stimulation, feel safe and comforted, cared for and loved!


Holistic cat sitting embraces comprehensive care for your furry companions. In addition to providing fresh food and water and maintaining clean litter boxes, it includes giving your cats undivided attention and acknowledging subtle and not-so subtle cues in their body language and facial expressions. By interpreting these signals, I can better understand and serve your cats, offering them satisfying and gratifying solutions. Whether your kitties need chin and ear scratches and loving attention, want to play and hone their hunting skills, or prefer quiet time under a cozy blanket, I always strive to meet their physical, mental and emotional needs, treating them as if they were my own!


Having welcomed cats into my home and heart for over twenty years, I understand that your cats are beloved members of your family and deserve exceptional care and attention while you are away. As a licensed, bonded and insured cat care professional with Fear Free certification you can have peace of mind knowing that your feline companions are in caring, safe and capable hands.


I offer personalized in-home cat care services when you can't be there with them. Some advantages of choosing Catnip Cat Care as your professional, compassionate and trustworthy cat sitter are:


Experience: As a "cat mom" for over twenty years and with over eight years of experience in professional cat sitting, I have a deep understanding of feline behavior and needs. I continually strive to stay informed on new research and findings in feline health and behavior. Whether your cat is shy or playful, fearful or outgoing, or has specific dietary or medication requirements, I am confident that I can address their individual needs. In the rare instance that I’m not the right fit for your cat, I will gladly refer you to another qualified professional.


Personalized Care: I am the sole proprietor of Catnip Cat Care, meaning your cats will receive consistent and dedicated care from me personally. This allows them to develop trust and familiarity with me as we build a relationship over time. My services go beyond the basics of feeding, changing water, and cleaning the litter boxes. I deeply care for and enjoy the company of cats, aiming to offer the kind of attention that your cats would receive from you. Whether they ask for lap time, affection and snuggles, interactive play, brushing sessions or reassuring pets, I dedicate quality time to make them feel happy and content.


Emotional Support: Cats are sensitive and intelligent beings with emotions similar humans. Regardless of their personality, they can experience fear, anxiety, stress and sadness, especially when their human parents are away. Disruptions in their routines, such as meal times and play sessions, can add to their distress. As a Fear Free certified cat sitter, I am trained to recognize and reduce signs of distress in your beloved cats. When appropriate, I may also utilize my skills as Harmonizing Touch practitioner to help balance their emotions and make them feel safe, secure and relaxed.


Health & Safety: Whether it’s a medical issue with your cat or a household problem like a plumbing leak or electrical failure, I make sure to monitor your cats’ health and behavior as well as their environment. As a licensed, bonded, insured, and Pet First Aid certified cat sitter, I prioritize the safety and well-being of your cats and the security of your home.


Additional Services: In addition to caring for your cats and monitoring your home, my services include collecting mail, watering indoor plants, setting out trash and recyclables, and alternating lights and curtains. Other services can be added as needed.


Communication: I understand how much you love your cats and miss them when you are away! That’s why I provide regular updates through text or email, along with photos of your furry friends, after each visit. I promptly respond to your texts and phone calls if you have any questions or concerns.

Catnip Cat Care offers comprehensive cat- and home care. Each Cat Sitting visit includes:


  • Feeding

  • Changing water

  • Maintaining litter box(es)

  • Undivided attention and socialization with your cat(s)

  • Skilled therapeutic touch if your cat allows*

  • Giving medications/supplements (some exceptions apply)**


  • Collecting mail & newspapers

  • Watering indoor plants

  • Alternating lights and curtains

  • Set out trash/recyclables

  • Home security check


The standard duration of each visit is 45 minutes, allowing time for essential tasks and personalized attention. However, please keep in mind that I prioritize your feline friends' well-being and allocate a minimum of 10-15 minutes per visit for socialization, play and tender loving care for each cat. During our meet & greet visit, we can discuss your specific needs and preferences, and I will provide a customized quote based on the services you would like to include in the cat sitting visits.

*Please note that while therapeutic touch during a cat sitting visit is not a replacement for a Harmonizing Touch session, as a complementary therapy practitioner, I approach interacting with your animals in an intentional and therapeutic manner rather than simply "petting" them.

** I no longer provide medication administration requiring intervals of 10 - 12 hours.

At Catnip Cat Care, I am committed to serving your cats with love, compassion and undivided attention, providing exceptional care for your feline friends and ensuring your peace of mind.

 I look forward to meeting you and your beloved cats!

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