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Fear Free certified cat sitter and complementary therapist for cats

Angelika Leinenkugel, CSAMP, Owner

Professional Cat Sitter & Practitioner of Complementary Therapies (License MA60640135)

Over 25 years ago, when I adopted two little kittens- Penelope was found in the Sonoran Desert and Baboo rescued from the local shelter-, little did I know how they would shape my life’s journey. My love for these furry beings quickly expanded to encompass all animals, leading me to support animal rights and welfare organizations, volunteer at the local shelter and provide pet sitting services to friends and neighbors.

The untimely passing of my beloved Baboo in 2011 prompted me to pursue a career that would allow me to serve cats and support their well-being. It took some years to make my dream a reality, and I am grateful to be the owner and practitioner of Catnip Cat Care since 2016.


I offer two primary services: professional cat sitting and complementary therapies.

As a licensed, bonded and insured professional cat sitter with Fear Free certification, I provide compassionate and personalized cat care in your home while you are away.

As a certified small animal massage practitioner with advanced training in geriatric and hospice massage and a firm background in Tellington Touch, acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu, I offer subtle, non-invasive healing modalities to support senior cats with their health and behavioral challenges.

I also hold a diploma of distinction for advanced studies in Bach Flower Therapy. These natural and gentle Flower essences serve as a valuable complementary tool for emotional balancing and addressing behavior issues.

I am Pet First Aid certified and continuously expand my knowledge and skills in cat care, health and behavior through courses and seminars.

Prior to my career as cat care professional, I had a successful career as massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu/acupressure practitioner, specializing in pain management and rehabilitation. This gave me a useful foundation for my therapeutic work with cats.

Whether I am serving in my role as a cat sitter or as a therapist, I am committed to providing exceptional care by acknowledging your cats' unique personalities and by catering to their individualized needs with compassion, patience and loving attention.

Whether you are seeking a professional, caring and trustworthy cat sitter or complementary therapy for your senior cats,

Catnip Cat Care and I welcome you with open paws!


Fear Free Certified Pet Sitter Bellingham Fear Free certified cat sitter compassionate professional care
Member Proffesional United Pet Sitters
Insured bonded Member Pet Sitters Associates
Nationally certified animal massage practitioner acupressure for cats
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