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Happy cat smelling Bach Flowers

Flower Essences

Pets, just like humans, experience a range of emotions. While we want our furry friends to always be happy, they can also feel fear, anxiety, stress, sadness and grief. These emotions are frequently accompanied by unfavorable behaviors. That’s where Flower Essences come in, offering gentle and natural support!


These safe and natural remedies help harmonize emotional imbalances and promote overall health in your cats. They are derived from the flowers of special plants and carefully prepared to capture their energetic essence. They were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor, homeopath and researcher in the early 1900s who’s life’s quest was to find a simple natural healing method that would be easily available to all. The results are 38 flower essences and the well-known “Rescue Remedy” formula.


Flower Essences are natural and safe and support your cat’s overall health and well-being.


Initially created to help humans with mental and emotional imbalances, flower essences have also proven to be beneficial for animals. Today veterinarians, animal behaviorists, animal trainers and complementary therapists world-wide use the Flower Essences and recommend them to their clients.


I conjunction with other therapies, Flower Essences can assist cats in coping with trauma from past experiences, providing support during grief and loss and helping alleviate stress and anxiety. They can also aid in building confidence, counteracting shock, assisting with life changes, supporting recuperation from illness or surgery, and alleviating symptoms associated with aging.


In my practice, I use the Flower Essences alongside Harmonizing Touch sessions to further support the health and emotions of my senior cat clients.


One advantage of Flower Essences is that they don’t interfere with any medications or treatments your cat may be receiving. However, it is essential to administer the essences at regular intervals, ideally four to six times a day. It’s important that you or someone in your household is available to administer the drops throughout the day.

One advantage of Flower Essences is that they don’t interfere with any medications or treatments your cat may be receiving.


While some cats may experience immediate effects, for most, the essences work gradually over time. Re-evaluation after two to three weeks allows for fine-tuning or changing the formula for optimal effectiveness.


Cats are very sensitive beings, and their emotions can be influenced by the mental-emotional state of the people closest to them. In such situations, I also recommend Flower Essences to their parents, taking a holistic approach to their well-being.


I offer Flower Essences consultations exclusively to established cat sitting and Harmonizing Touch clients. This approach allows me to develop a good understanding of each cat’s unique personality, as well as their physical and emotional needs. With these valuable insights I can carefully select the most effective essences for creating a customized formula that best supports the well-being of my feline clients.


Each initial consultation includes a dosage bottle containing a customized formula to address your cat’s specific needs.


Disclaimer: Flower Essences Consultations are not a substitute for veterinary care. They are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease. Please consult a veterinarian for diagnosis, treatment and emergencies.

For more information or to schedule a Flower Essences consultation, please feel free to contact me.

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