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Professional Cat Sitting

If your cat had a choice, he or she would prefer to stay in his/her home when you are going away! Cats are territorial creatures of habit, and much prefer being surrounded by familiar scents, sleeping in their own bed and eating on a schedule they are used to instead of staying in a boarding facility.


I provide in-home cat care for the comfort of your cat and for your peace of mind.


As a cat guardian for over two decades and sitter for almost ten years I assure you that it is a myth that cats are doing fine when left alone for days- as long as there is enough food and water available. The fact is that cats are highly sensitive and intelligent beings with emotions similar to those of humans. Whether you have a shy or timid cat or an outgoing and playful cat, all cats need the reassurance of human interaction to feel safe and  comfortable. Though cats can be quite stoic and may not show their stress when left alone for some time, they may nonetheless experience some levels of anxiety, depression and/or confusion. Interruptions in your cat’s routines, such as regular meal and interaction/play times, may add to their stress.


When leaving your cat alone at home for an extended period of time you are also compromising your cats’ health and safety. Whether it is a major or minor medical problem, or something going wrong in your house such as a plumbing or electrical failure, you wouldn’t want your feline friends suffering because no one checked on them.


I am licensed, bonded, insured and Pet First Aid certified.

I will do my utmost best to accommodate your feline friends’ schedule and needs.


A professional cat sitter offers way more than the basic services of providing fresh food and water, and cleaning the litter boxes. She makes sure your cats are safe by monitoring your cats’ health and behaviors, and your home’s security features. Equally important, she addresses your feline friends’ mental and emotional needs by taking sufficient time to interact with your cats in whatever particular way they enjoy, such as offering play time and brushing, sitting attentively with a shy kitty who is hiding, playing classical music, and providing skillful touch that helps your cats relax and enjoy themselves.


As professional cat sitter and Harmonizing Touch practitioner I care deeply about your feline friends’ physical, mental and emotional welfare. I will make sure your feline friends are safe, secure, relaxed, happy and content.


Call Your Professional Cat Sitter Now!



If you are going away for more than 24 hours I strongly advocate at least two visits per day. Here is why:


Cats like routine. If your cats are used to regular meal times or you coming home at a particular time, ideally these times remain the same when you are away. The less your cats’ routines are altered the less stressful your absence is for your cats.


Cats like cleanliness. Litter box hygiene is very important to cats. Keeping the litter box as clean as possible by scooping more than once a day will help reduce the stress level of your feline friends. In addition, monitoring any unusual litter box activity such as bloody urine, constipation, diarrhea etc. help monitor your cats’ physical health.


Cats need stimulation and human interaction. It is true that cats sleep up to 70% of the time. Thus, many people think that when they go away, their feline friends will be sleeping most of the time anyway, and will not need any type of stimulation or human interaction. This is another myth. Cats do need physical, mental stimulation, emotional support and human interaction on a daily basis, and ideally several times a day.

Schedule two or more visits per day for your cats’ well-being and your peace of mind!


Each Cat Sitting visit includes:

  • Feeding

  • Changing water

  • Maintaining litter box(es)

  • Undivided attention and socialization with your cat(s)

  • Skilled therapeutic touch if your cat allows*

  • Giving medications/supplements (some exceptions apply)


  • Collecting mail & newspapers

  • Watering indoor plants

  • Alternating lights and curtains

  • Set out trash/recyclables

  • Home security check


Each standard visit is 45 minutes in length. Additional time and/or services can be added.



Play Visits

Are you working long hours? Are you too tired in the evening to give your cats the much needed playtime they didn’t get during the day? Just like dogs, cats, too need physical exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day!

Or does your feline friend have special needs that require engaging him or her in exercise to counteract stiffness or obesity, or aid in rehabilitation? ​

I can help!

Schedule a regular play visits to ensure your feline friends get all the care and attention they need when you simply don’t have the time.


Each Play Visit includes:

  • Feeding

  • Changing water

  • Maintaining litter box(es)

  • Indoor play-time and/or leash walking outdoors

  • Undivided attention and socialization with your cat(s)

 Each standard visit is 45 minutes in length. Additional time and/or services can be added.

Comfort & Care Visits

Caring for our senior cats can be challenging, especially if you are working full-time, and/or have children to care for or other family members to support. Whether your beloved cat needs to have his or her medications three or more times a day, frequently misses the litter box or vomits, or simply just wants to be held and comforted for longer periods of time- it requires that you make sufficient time in your daily schedule to care for your cat, meet his or her needs, provide sufficient physical and emotional comfort and keep his or her environment safe and clean.


Just like for a care giver for humans, it may take a toll on your energy level and overall well-being. Because cats are so sensitive to their surroundings- including your emotions- it is important that you care for yourself, and remain stress-free, calm, attentive and present in the company of your cat.


When the task to care for your beloved ailing feline friend becomes stress-full or seems to overwhelm you- 

please seek support!


A Comfort & Care visit includes administering medications or subcutaneous fluids***, cleaning up accidents, washing, bathing and nail trims (if cat allows), grooming such as brushing and combing and, of course, lots of comforting and TLC!


Letting an experienced and caring cat care professional take care of some of the many tasks involved in the care of your senior cat will enable you to spend more quality time with your beloved furry friend!

Call Your Competent and Caring Cat Care Professional Now!



Cat Sitting - Play Visits - Comfort & Care Visits (up to two cats)​:

  • Standard 45 minute Visit $30**

  • Additional 15 minutes $8


Please note: To ensure your feline friends’ optimal well-being while you are away I schedule a minimum of 10- 15 minutes per visit for socialization, play, cuddle and TLC for each cat. At the time of our meet & greet visit we will customize your services and provide you with a quote based on the services that you would like me to include in the cat sitting visits.

If your household includes other types of furry or feathered friends I may include them in my services. Please inquire.


*Harmonizing Touch during a cat sitting, play or comfort & care visit does not substitute for a Harmonizing Therapy session. However, as Harmonizing Touch practitioner I tend to touch your animals in a way that is intentional and therapeutic instead of “just petting”.


**Additional travel fees apply for visits to locations beyond a five mile radius from my business address.


Holiday rates apply on all major holidays. Please see “Policies & Rates" for details.

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