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In rare situations our pets choose to transition when their time comes, at home and with relative ease- ideally in your loving presence. The majority of pet guardians, however, will eventually have to face making the dreadful and difficult decision when to euthanize their animal friend.

From the moment we adopt a cat, we are obliged to protect and support the life of our animal friend. And at the end of his or her journey with us we are bound by compassion and loving responsibility to end terminal suffering and lack of quality of life. This time can be a psychological nightmare for you, infused with confusion, pain, guilt, and wanting to delay the final decision. With your cat's welfare in your heart, you will know when you must decide and act. “It will be one of the most painful moments in your life, and one of the most loving”!*


I am offering Harmonizing Touch to support your beloved cat’s physical, mental-emotional and spiritual well-being in his or her last stages of life!


Harmonizing Touch is a complementary healing modality that aims to harmonize the life force energy in your cat’s body, soul and spirit. The purpose of Harmonizing Touch is to nurture and comfort your beloved cat physically, mentally and emotionally, and to optimally support his/her quality of life on earth until the very end. Harmonizing the life force energy may help ease physical pain and mental-emotional stress. It promotes comfort, harmony and a sense of peace.

The purpose of Harmonizing Touch is to nurture and comfort your beloved cat physically, mentally and emotionally .


I encourage you to learn and am happy to teach you some harmonizing “holds” that you can do between professional sessions to support your animal’s well-being. This may further deepen the bond between you and your beloved animal friend in these last stages of his or her life.


Some of the benefits of harmonizing the life force energy in the last stages of your cat’s life are:

  • Supporting the energy flow in your cat’s failing body

  • Promoting physical, mental and emotional comfort

  • Nurturing body, soul and spirit of your feline friend

  • Promoting allowing and acceptance of what is- both for your beloved cat and for you


Ultimately, your animal friend relies on your presence, love and compassion to feel safe and comfortable in these last stages of his or her life. Make sure that you take care of yourself and nurture your body, soul and spirit. Meditation, yoga, listening to relaxing music, allowing yourself to feel your feelings and receiving harmonizing energy work yourself are some of many ways to balance the emotions that you may be experiencing. The more you are in inner balance, the more your cat can relax. Our animals sense what we are feeling and often take on our emotions. Taking care of yourself is benefiting your animal friend, too!


 Ultimately, your animal friend relies on your presence, love and compassion to feel safe and comfortable in these last stages of his or her life.

If your animal friend is under treatment with your veterinarian, I will gladly work with your veterinarian to integrate a care plan that will complement the care your beloved cat is receiving.


Harmonizing Touch is not a substitute for veterinary care. It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease. Please consult a veterinarian for diagnosis, emergencies and treatment.

​*Wallace Sife, The Loss of a Pet

If you have questions about Harmonizing Touch and how it may benefit your cat, please don’t hesitate to call for your FREE 20-minute phone consultation.


I’d like to learn more!

In addition to Harmonizing Touch sessions, I am also offering Flower Essences Consultations and Comfort & Care Visits.

Flower Essences Consultations

Derived from the flowers of special plant species, and carefully prepared to capture their energetic essence, the Bach Flower Essences can help your cat to better cope with many life challenges!

Whether your cat shows signs of trauma, has known or unknown fears, is shy, experiences stressful situations such as moving, going to the vet or dealing with a new family member, or is dealing with old age issues, lack of confidence, confusion or grief, or is suffering or recovering from an illness…. Flower Essences can support you cat’s emotions in these and many other situations, thus improving her or his quality of life! You can find more information here.

I am offering Flower Essences consultations in person and by phone.

Please Call Me Today


Comfort & Care Visits

Caring for our senior cats can be challenging, especially if you are working full-time, and/or have children to care for or other family members to support. Whether your beloved cat needs to have his or her medications three or more times a day, frequently misses the litter box or vomits, or simply just wants to be held and comforted for longer periods of time- it requires that you make sufficient time in your daily schedule to care for your cat, meet his or her needs, provide sufficient physical and emotional comfort and keep his or her environment safe and clean.


Just like for a care giver for humans, it may take a toll on your energy level and overall well-being. Because cats are so sensitive to their surroundings- including your emotions- it is important that you care for yourself, and remain stress-free, calm, attentive and present in the company of your cat.


When the task to care for your beloved ailing feline friend becomes stress-full or seems to overwhelm you- 

please seek support!

Give me a call!



A Comfort & Care visit includes administering medications or subcutaneous fluids*, cleaning up accidents, washing,bathing and nail trims (if cat allows), grooming such as brushing and combing, and- of course, lots of comforting and TLC!

*An additional fee applies for subcutaneous fluid administration.


Letting an experienced and caring cat care professional take care of some of the many tasks involved in the care of your senior cat will enable you to spend more quality time with your beloved furry friend!

Please give me a call!


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