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 I am currently not accepting new clients for cat behavior advice. Thank you!

Cat Behavior Solutions

Cats don’t think in terms of right and wrong like we do. What we perceive as “misbehavior” is simply the cat’s natural response to his/her environment. Cats make choices that best meet their needs, and they express emotions quite clearly, vocally and through body language. Learning and understanding your cat’s language will help you better understand your cat and influence his/her behaviors.


Did you recently adopt a feline friend into your family and find that things don't go as smooth as you'd expected?

Do you already have an animal friend in your family and would like to add another but are worried that they won't get along?

Does your long-time feline friend challenge you with behaviors that negatively affect your relationship with him/her?

Does your feline friend scratch furniture or display other destructive behaviors, avoid the litter box or marks his/her territory, or display fearful and/or aggressive behaviors?

Many cat behaviors can be influenced by observing your cat(s) carefully, learning their language and adjusting their environment.


My goal is to help you deepen and/or restore a harmonious relationship with your feline friends

by assisting you to better understand their needs and how to meet those needs.

Let's Talk!


In-home consultation includes:

  • An initial thorough phone interview to gather information about your cat’s behavior

  • One in-home visit including further evaluation and questionnaire

  • Hands-on therapeutic work to influence your cat’s behavior – pending your cat’s approval

  • Immediate advice on working with your feline friend and his/her behavior(s)

  • A written summary of recommendations (sent by email within two days after the visit)

  • Phone and e-mail support for up to three e-mails or phone calls



  • $75* Initial Consultation (includes all the above)

  • $55* Follow-up Visit (up to 45 minutes)

  • $15  15 min Phone Consultations (after initial consultation and phone & e-mail support)    

Please note that a medical condition may be the underlying cause of some cat behaviors. Please consult a veterinarian, especially in the case of litter box avoidance and sudden-onset aggression. Catnip Cat Care will not be held liable for information gathered from this site and in our consultations.


Please note that I am not a certified cat behavior specialist. I draw from my experience of living and working with cats for over two decades, including cat sitting and volunteering at local shelters, in addition to reading about and taking courses on cat behavior. I feel qualified in helping resolve basic cat behavior projects. But there are situations when I will advise you to consult with a certified cat behavior specialist.

* Additional travel fees apply for visits to locations beyond a six mile radius from my business address.

Holiday rates apply on all major holidays. Please see “Policies & Rates” for details.

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