Angeli Leinenkugel, LMP, CSAMP, Lic # MA 60640135

Professional Cat Sitter, Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner specializing in Harmonizing Touch

When I adopted two little kittens in 1999 and 2001 (Penelope was found in the Sonoran desert, and Baboo rescued from the local shelter) little did I know how these furry beings would influence my life choices in the years to come. Very soon my love for my two cats spilled over into love and compassion for ALL animals. I found myself engaging with and supporting animal rights and welfare organizations, volunteering in the local shelter and pet sitting for friends and neighbors.

The tragic and premature death of my furry soulmate Baboo in 2011 prompted me to pursue a career in which I could serve cats and support their well-being. It took some years to make my dream a reality, but now I feel fortunate to be the owner and practitioner of Catnip Cat Care. I serve cats in two ways: I am a licensed, bonded and insured professional cat sitter, and I am a certified small animal massage practitioner, specializing in harmonizing the life force energy in the body. In addition to three decades of experience as massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu/acupressure practitioner working with people, I have gained national certification in small animal massage with advanced training in geriatric and hospice massage. I also have taken courses in Tellington Touch and am Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid. Based on my experiences working with cats I have developed “Harmonizing Touch”- my unique approach to harmonizing the life force energy in the body.

My intention is not to “treat” or “fix” an illness or disease. Instead, I am simply harmonizing the life force energy in your cat’s body so that the body can utilize its own wisdom and healing capacities to do what it needs to do. I am not focusing on specific “outcomes”. I am simply harmonizing!


Committed to providing excellent services both as a cat sitter and as Harmonizing Touch practitioner, I continually deepen, expand and refine my knowledge and skills in cat care and healing modalities.

Whether you are looking for professional, caring and trustworthy cat sitting services, for Harmonizing Touch for your aging feline friend or for compassionate support of your beloved cat in the last stages of his or her life- Catnip Cat Care and I welcome you with open paws!


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